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the very essence of travel PR

At Turtle PR we know all about travel & lifestyle, and how to communicate key messages for our clients from across the industry. Our expertise combined with effective and proactive media liaison brings brands into the spotlight.

Press release writing & distribution

We understand the news and will always ensure our press releases place clients in spotlight. Turtle PR engages with the media with tactical distribution and sell-in, telling our clients' stories the right way, to generate and maximise coverage.

Press trip organisation

We are well versed in organising successful and engaging press trips to help generate quality editorial for our clients across a range of publications. Not only can we select the right journalists but also ensure the trip showcases your business in the most effective manner.

the very essence of travel PR

At Turtle PR we know all about travel & lifestyle, and how to communicate key messages for our clients from across the industry. Our expertise combined with effective and proactive media liaison brings brands into the spotlight.


Turtle PR is an award-winning, London-based agency, creating fresh PR solutions for travel and lifestyle clients. Flexible and innovative in its approach, Turtle PR is committed to providing bespoke PR strategies, having carefully considered clients' areas of need.

Founder, Leila Stocker, firmly believes the way to guarantee a one-to-one service is not to take on too many clients. This enables Turtle PR to dedicate more time ensuring campaigns are targeted, original and totally on-message. All too often in the industry clients are left to deal with junior team members on a day-to-day basis, resulting in dissatisfied clients, looking for new agencies.

With excellent media relationships, Turtle PR drives the news agenda for its clients, and delivers a sound return on investment.

Full press office service
• Media liaison
• Tactful PR planning
• Press release writing, distribution and sell-in
• Events, stunts and press conferences
• Press trip organisation
• Crisis management
• Affinity brand partnerships
• Promotions and competitions
• Online social PR support

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out." James Bryant Conant

Full press office
We can offer our clients an outsourced press office service ensuring the media can access content, images and quotes whenever required meaning round the clock interaction and never missing an opportunity.

Media liaison
Maintaining contact with key media and publications is essential for keeping a high profile. We do that on our clients' behalf allowing you to focus on the day to day running of the business while we generate interest.

Crisis management
Count on us to apply discretion and a tactful approach when a crisis hits. Preserving your reputation is our forte and we will help minimise negative publicity in the event of potentially damaging exposure.

  • Leila has always been a very proactive contact to have within the travel industry, getting in touch with stories and feature ideas as well as ensuring I am introduced in person to all her clients. Whenever I've called her regarding a story and needed statistics or quotes, she turns it around very quickly, which is vitally important for us as a travel website. She is a pleasure to work with.
    Sarah Gordon
    Acting Travel Editor, travelmail.co.uk (Daily Mail)
  • "What a great press release. Topical, targeted to my website, to the point and promoting the client. Job done!"
    Darren Norbury
    Editor of Beertoday.co.uk
  • Leila Stocker is a wonderful PR - resourceful, unflappable and always on top of things. She's efficient, very personable and persistent without being too pushy. A gem.
    Beverley Watts
    Editor of Now Magazine Online & Teen Now Online
  • Leila is a great publicist and a pleasure to work with - hard-working, professional, resourceful, but always calm, considerate and good-humoured even when under pressure. I look forward to working with her again.
    David Hudson
    Managing Editor, Out In The City [www.outmag.co.uk]
  • In control, industrious and lots of fun. That was my experience with Turtle PR. Covering Las Vegas for travel segments both on my Radio program and podcast was made easy, fun and informative by this talented team.
    Mark Wigmore
    Presenter on CBC RADIO 2 Canada
  • Leila Stocker brings passion, creativity and excitement to make any brief a success. It was a pleasure working together in Las Vegas and if anyone is in need of a PR company that provides a real ROI then I'll strongly recommend the services of Turtle PR.
    Jordan Kensington
    C.E.O. of IEG (Invincible Entertainment Group)
  • Speaking as a freelance journalist, working with Leila Stocker has always been a pleasure. She is one of the rare PRs whose communications and personal manner mean that you look forward to hearing from her or meeting her at events. You can be confident that what she sends you is timely, well constructed and relevant. In person, she is charming, knowledgeable and fun. I can certainly recommend Leila to prospective clients.
    David Nicholson
    Freelance journalist and regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Telegraph, The Scotsman, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and Venture Capital Journal.
  • I really enjoyed working with Leila on a recent visit to Las Vegas, She truly is a talented PR rep, confident, passionate and professional. She impressed me with her knowledge of the area and culture. She made the press trip a memorable one, I would love to work with Leila on future projects.
    Mark Hawkins
    Bent Magazine
  • I've worked with Leila on both sides of the Atlantic and, as a veteran in press and pr, can promise she's as good as it gets. Calm, cool, classy. She delivers for both client and media alike with minimum fuss but maximum impact. Done deal. We're all happy. And Leila's one of those rare people you actually WANT to work with again.
    Roger Tavener
    Daily Telegraph Lifestyle writer prone/artymedia owner
  • Leila is everything you'd hope for in a PR - knowledgeable, enormously helpful and intuitive. She'd pre-empt requests before you thought of them and was completely calm in the face of my regular pre-trip panic. She has great ideas and enthusiasm, and made both my experiences of working with her a pleasure.
    Marina O'Loughlin
    Restaurant critic of Guardian Weekend & Travel Columnist for Olive
  • I've worked with Leila on and off for the past three years, and have always found her to be smart, savvy and good at her job. Leila understands the importance of fostering good relationships with the media and has found a brilliant balance between promoting her clients and providing help, support and relevant content/ideas to journalists. I travelled with her on a press trip to Las Vegas and was impressed by her leadership and organisational skills, as well as her sense of fun and professionalism. In the aftermath of the trip she was very thorough about following up and providing supporting material and any outstanding information that was needed.
    Rosie Birkett
    freelance food and travel journalist
  • Working with Leila is always a pleasure because you know you are going to get results. Leila's passion and knowledge is evident from the moment you meet her. You only need to look at Leila's comprehensive portfolio of clients to realise her creativity and professionalism is well recognised.
    Michael Traboulsi
    Freelance Broadcast Journalist for Heart London 106.2 and Director of Snappin' Turtle Productions
  • Leila is the consummate guide. She was there when we needed her and melted into the background when we didn't. Her knowledge of the destination (Las Vegas), rapport with clients and management of the journalists makes her the perfect host.
    Oliver Tree
    The Mail On Sunday
  • Turtle PR would be a great asset to any business. Aside from her legendary networking skills, Director Leila Stocker is personable, creative, driven and highly professional. While working alongside Leila in a previous PR role, I saw her consistently deliver outstanding results to many, many happy clients.
    Laurel Greatrix
    PR Manager at TripAdvisor
  • Leila is a true professional. She is personable, hard working, and always a pleasure to do business with. She works with an impressive roster of clients and always keeps up with the latest trends in the industry.
    Mika Takeuchi
    Food and Fashion journalist, Founder of Fashionbliss.com
  • I've worked with Leila for the last three years on a mutual US-based client, and found her to be a dream to work with. She exudes confidence, is highly personable and instinctively understands how to best communicate to the media and her colleagues. Leila has great problem solving capabilities, and is able to keep her calm when a stressful situation arises. In a marketplace full of good Public Relations Professionals, Leila stands out as one who really makes things happen!
    Stephen A.C. Shinn
    Director, Client Services & Special Events, Aerial Communications Group Inc

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