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Leading website pinpoints trends of UK couples choosing to get hitched faraway

With the UK in the midst of Wedding Season 2012, major destination website MarryAbroad.co.uk has analysed 13,000 of its site users this month, to find out typically who is planning to tie the knot, out of the country.

So who marries abroad?

A wedding out of the UK is not an option for every couple. However a growing sector of the market is making this choice, with now one in five couples getting married abroad, according to recent MINTEL research*.

Joint Site Founder Steph Bishop states: "Typically, 62% of our visitors are woman aged between 25-34, hoping to combine their wedding with exploring a part of the world, they have never travelled to before.

"In terms of earnings, 70% have a salary of between £30-50k per annum, and 60% do not have children. A high percentage of users have been to university at 58%, and most organise their wedding in the evenings from their home computer at 83%. In terms of planning, 93% of users book their wedding abroad one year in advance.

"Regarding wedding budget, there is no strong trend amongst our site users. However the majority of the destination weddings being currently planned through our partners will, in total, cost less than £20,000. We found that 29% of couples are planning to spend £5,000 or under, 36% will spend £10,000 or under, and 36% will spend £20,000 or under, on marrying abroad," says Bishop.

Lastly, 10% of the total number of weddings being booked away from home, are second marriages according to MarryAbroad.co.uk.

"For a few years now, we have experienced a trend of couples wanting a second wedding to be completely different to their first - in terms of location and ceremony. Hence, opting to wed on a tropical beach, snow-capped mountain or in a famous city overseas can have great appeal," says Bishop.

For more information, please visit www.MarryAbroad.co.uk.

*Taken from a MINTEL report made in Feb 2011

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MarryAbroad.co.uk is a free information portal for couples, providing marriage legalities, information and advice on marrying around the world. The site, which launched in January 2006, also promotes destination wedding professionals to the UK wedding market by driving visitors to site partners, to increase their visibility in the global wedding market. MarryAbroad.co.uk saw 145% increase in site visitors 2011, with an annual 420,000 unique visitors to the site in 2011.

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