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Unique present ideas from InspireMyCase

Give a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift this year with InspireMyCase (www.inspiremycase.com), the personalised device case brand.

New to the UK, Inspire my Case custom-prints cases - for fun and inspirational presents plus 20% of profits go to inspire underprivileged kids in need.

To create an inspiring and original mobile case, simply choose a blank cover and upload an image special to the recipient. Or give a gift voucher and let friends and family express their individuality by creating their own cases.

InspireMyCase also offers creative and conversation starting ready-made cases, available in five ranges - wellbeing, travel, quotes, sports and patterns.

All cases are suitable for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Blackberry models, printed in high resolution and shipped at no extra charge, for delivery in 4 working days. Cases start from $39.95 and online gift vouchers are also available.

Unique to the market, InspireMyCase is dedicated to giving back and inspiring those in real need and guarantees that 20% of profits go directly to the charity AngelMule, which uses all funds to buy and deliver sports and music equipment to inspire underprivileged children in need around the word.

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About InspireMyCase.com:

Andrew Simpson and Steve Cadell are on a mission to rid the world of boring phone cases and created InspireMyCase so people could add their own personality and inspiration to a case. They're also passionate about inspiring those in real need, so 20% of all profits go directly to purchasing sports and music equipment to bring some joy into the lives of underprivileged kids. They partner with AngelMule who use travellers to deliver the equipment to children's organizations around the world. Learn more at www.mmmule.com/about-angel-mule

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