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New website mmMule.com enables travellers to become AngelMules' and use a part of their holiday to deliver urgently needed supplies - like clothing, food and used electronics - to charitable organisations in need worldwide.

In return for delivery, travellers are rewarded with cultural experiences - like stays with local families or intimate tours of local sights.

The idea came from experiences of founders Andrew Simpson and Avis Mulhall. The pair always felt forced to choose either a volunteer program or regular holiday when planning trips, and were frustrated there was no easy option combining both.

The light-bulb moment occurred whilst Simpson was travelling in Rwanda and stumbled across an orphanage. After talking with the children and hearing their stories, they asked if he could help them. As it the task turned out, it was as easy as going to the next village and buying books, pencils and a football.

"It was the most amazing experience - to arrive at the orphanage with a football and watch the ecstatic reactions of the kids, who had up until that point been using a plastic water bottle to kick around. Such a small gift made such a big impact, and made me feel great, too. I wanted to enable other travellers to help out in the same way" says Simpson.

"So we thought - what if we created a website where charitable organisations all over the world could post items they desperately needed and travellers could use a part of their holiday to deliver it to them? And that's how AngelMule was born" says Mulhall.

Travellers can use a part of any trip to become an AngelMule - from a one week poolside break, to a round-the-world backpacking adventure. There are AngelMule requests all over the world, including;

 A children's centre in the mountains of Thailand is requesting old or unwanted cameras, phones, iPods, books, DVD's and stationary. In return travellers are offered a hiking trip through the mountains, or a bike ride with the kids as guides.

 A dog refuge in Bali is requesting pet care products. In return they are offering to introduce AngelMules to their 150+ dogs and puppies, and a tour of the local sights.

 A community centre in Ecuador that needs a used computer, is offering travellers the option to participate in either a programme teaching English, or a river walk followed by a meal of local specialties, to show their gratitude.

mmMule also has an AngelMule Ambassador Program, that provides marketing kits for those interested in spreading the word to fellow travellers, and signing up new organisations around the world.

mmMule.com is not only in aid of not for profit organizations; it also enables regular people to get anything they want from anywhere in the world by rewarding a traveller for delivering it.
For more information please visit www.mmMule.com.

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About mmMule:

mmMule is a social travel network connecting locals who want stuff with travellers who can deliver it. In return for delivery travellers are rewarded with fun, local travel experiences. Started by a bunch of travel-obsessed expats, mmMule is passionate about building a community that will forever change the way people travel and get stuff delivered.



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