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Late booking trend boost for Akamas Villas this year

Akamas Villas (www.akamas-villas.com) is celebrating after collating results of its annual bookings, which display a clear boom in the Cyprus holiday rental market.

The company, based in West Cyprus, currently offers 42 bespoke holiday-rental properties, to predominately UK visitors. The annual customer survey and trading results analysed the firm's activity in 2011, and 2012 to date.

Bookings for the luxury travel firm in 2012 were up by 42% - compared with 2011 numbers. High season villa bookings for Akamas Villas in the months of July and August 2012 were up by a staggering 106% year on year, and current villa bookings for next year are four times higher, than forward bookings for 2012 were, at this time last September. Akamas Villas also achieved an average of 89%, for overall customer satisfaction.

"Our results show a number of trends for Cyprus's tourism industry. Whilst many hotels experienced a quieter 2012, countless travellers still chose Cyprus for their annual holiday this year - instead, choosing a self-catering villa break, which can be more economical than a hotel. The ten new weekly flights from the UK to Paphos that started this spring also verify this trend - demonstrating an evident, unwavering tourism demand for the island," states Martin Maynard, Founder of Akamas Villas.

Maynard finds this year's villa boom is also a result of a late booking trend - whereby 80% of Akamas Villas's 2012 enquiries booked up around two months before travel. Maynard attributes this late booking trend to current economic uncertainty.

However, Maynard states: "the late bookings did not lead to discounting, as in previous years was the case, with less than 10% of reservations being dropped in price. In 2011this figure was around 22%, however we found that by consistently offering competitive pricing on high quality propertied, further reductions were simply not required this year."

Maynard adds: "this year Akamas Villas also launched an iPad app, which greatly increased awareness of Akamas Peninsula - the area we call "the real Cyprus". As more UK tourists have become familiar with the destination, our number of new enquiries has gone up by around 86%, compared to this time last year."

Akamas Villas also challenged the annual ‘Self-Catering on a Shoestring' report by Post Office Travel Money in July, which claimed that Cyprus has the most expensive supermarkets of all European holiday destinations. The company took its own survey of grocery prices, from the main supermarket in Polis -the largest town in the Akamas Region of Cyprus - and found the total price of the items tested by the Post Office, actually placed Cyprus the third cheapest in the list of twelve destinations - behind Majorca and Portugal.

Maynard further states: "In addition to these findings, all of our guests this year have taken advantage of an extra 10% off of local supermarket prices, with the unique Akamas Villas loyalty Discount Card. Using the card, the total price of those items the Post Office tested, made Cyprus the cheapest destination of all.

"We have solidly been spreading this message - that the Akamas region offers great value in a breathtaking location, and as a result, experienced an increase in bookings for this year and enquiries for next."

Luxury weekly villa rental prices for 2013 start from just £1,600 for 10 people with Akamas Villas.

For more information, please visit www.akamas-villas.com


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About Akamas Villas:
Launched in 2010, Akamas Villas is a luxury villa company based in West Cyprus, currently offering 42 bespoke holiday-rental properties. All villas are situated in and around the un-spoilt Akamas region, with its blend of quality restaurants, activities and services, set amidst thriving local communities and scenic, historic villages. Villas are situated in the dramatic and mountainous conservation areas of Chrysochou Bay, Agarka, Polis, Latchi and Neo Chorio. Akamas Villas's unique concierge-style team offers guests a villa holiday experience, with as much, or as little interaction as desired. The unique Akamas Villas loyalty card offers guest discounts of up to 20% at a luxury Spa Resort, local restaurants, supermarket and shops, as well as boating and water sport activities. Akamas Villas boasts transparent pricing, with more affordable luxury villa rental prices than other popular European destinations, which remain constant up until time of travel. Akamas Villas has a strong social media presence, being the first company of its kind to create an iPad app, which includes booking guide, villa images, list of services and local partner discounts, as well as issuing travel offers and news through its Twitter and Facebook accounts. www.akamas-villas.com



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