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Destination wedding site MarryAbroad.co.uk has found that 10% of couples choosing a wedding abroad are getting married for the second time around, and 80% of these couples are between the ages of 35-50.

Site founder Charlotte Hand states: "From feedback, we found that first time round, couples usually will have had a large, classic family wedding - which today costs on average £20K in the UK.

"For second weddings, couples tend to be more mature, and look for an intimate affair, away from larger family involvement. Plus, children invariably need to be factored in. For these reasons alone, we found a high number of ‘second-timers' seek to marry abroad," says Hand.

Wedding Planners and venues overseas are fast recognising this growing trend and catering for this group, with more bespoke wedding services. Ines Nanic, Managing Director of Dubrovnik Weddings comments on the market: "Destination weddings are such a popular option for second-time weddings, as they tend to be more personalised and intimate. We have certainly noticed an increase in second weddings, with couples wanting a more tailored approach, inviting only closest family and friends."

Similarly MarryAbroad.co.uk found that vow renewals were on the up, with 7% more enquiries for 2013, for the site's planners and venues.

"Encouraged by celebrities in the past few years, many couples are looking to renew their vows in a more opulent way, than was first perhaps possible. Often I talk to couples, whose original weddings' had a small budget, who now 15-20 years on, want to celebrate again in style," says Hand.

Wedding Planner Jane Whitbread from Jembisa Lodge in South Africa confirms this fact:
"We are taking more bookings for vow renewals from UK couples for next year, than we have for the past few years. The couples are older, have more of a budget, and want to do something different with a few close friends in a special location, to mark the occasion."

However, there is also a growing wedding industry trend, for surprise vow renewals. MarryAbroad.co.uk found that 28% of overall enquiries for vow renewals in 2013 involved surprising one, or both, of the couple.

Ines Nanic of Dubrovnik Weddings states: "Surprise vow renewals have become more popular than ever - often organised by close family members or children, whilst on a family vacation. A ‘recommitment of love' ceremony is usually very intimate, and not as official as a wedding ceremony. Close family members or dearest friends take part in the service, bringing back fond memories.

"We are noticing more and more themed vow renewals also, such as vintage or retro ceremonies - everything goes. It's all about couples' wishes and creating beautiful and memorable ceremonies," says Nanic.

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