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Momondo Launches International TV Campaign


An open world is a better world. This is the philosophy behind travel search site momondo and the theme of a new advertising campaign launched last week in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Russia

There is more to travel than just flights and transporting yourself from one place to another. Travel is about people, feelings and exploration.

"When we travel, we meet other people; we remember moods and recollect the sounds, tastes and colours. There are many emotions associated with travel. That's what we want to bring forward with these commercials and that was the initial reason behind launching momondo back in 2006", says Martin Lumbye, Board Member at momondo.

The first of two films created by Danish film production Bacon - "Freedom Fighters", shows a diversity of people, all struggling for freedom. They are not freedom fighters in the traditional sense, but they struggle to break down boundaries and prejudices. Their weapon is travel. The freedom fighters embrace other cultures and other people, they meet on their way.

The theme is repeated in the second film "Close-ups", where we get closer to the freedom fighters. We see their faces, their joy and their tears. The idea behind the second film is that we can only break down boundaries and create a better and more open world, if we get closer to each other and look each other in the eyes.

The commercials were launched on TV channels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Russia on 14 January.

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About momondo:
Travel search engine www.momondo.co.uk searches more than 700 travel sites and compares the best offers on flights, hotels and car rental. In addition to offering online search, momondo provides user-generated city guides. momondo was launched in 2006 and has been recommended by international media such as the New York Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, The Daily Telegraph, The London Sunday Times as well as the legendary travel guru Arthur Frommer. In 2012, momondo won a flight comparison test by Stiftung Warentest, Germany's independent product and services review.

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